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Representative projects  managed by ABLAZE personnel  at previous work locations:

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» Robotic Container Yard
» Skycam®
» Ship Motion Simulator
» Camera Stabilizer
» Physiol. Data Acquisition
» Autoscoring Dart Board
» Smart Viscometer
»... And Many Others



Skycam®, the Ultimate Tool in Telepresence

ABLAZE personnel have designed and constructed the first version of the Emmy Award winning Skycam® system (Skycam is a registered trademark of CF Inflight). This system consists of a telerobotic video camera that “flies” through huge sections of 3-D space.

Skycam® is a unique computer controlled system that allows a camera or other sensor to be positioned quickly and accurately anywhere within a large volume. The Skycam® has been used extensively in the sports and entertainment industry.






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